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the x's and o's for coach and athlete relationships for all sports.​

The x's and o's for coach and athlete relationships for all sports.

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Declining Enrollment in Youth Sports

by ANDREA LEGGETT Youth sports have seen children, families, and communities through many life-changing world events since their inception in the US. The Great Depression, several wars, natural disasters, national tragedies like 9/11, and, most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. Many industries are seeing recovery and a slow return to normal, but youth sports participation continues…

Rising Costs of Youth Sports

by ANDREA LEGGETT Inflation is in the news a lot these days, and youth sports aren’t immune to its effects. When families need to tighten up financially, leisure activities are usually the first to go–which, for some families, means not signing up for a season (or more). We know all the things sports offer that…

supporting the sibling who isn’t playing.

by ANDREA LEGGETT One part of youth sports that doesn’t get talked about enough is the way one child’s participation affects the other children in the family. Practices in the evening, early morning games (and all day tournaments), traveling to events, and the overall amount of energy that goes toward this commitment can be draining…

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Anxiety happens, and it's much more likely to happen during adolescence and when adrenaline and cortisol are high. You play a lot of roles as coach, and we know that talking anxious athletes off the ledge is something you need help with. It probably causes YOU anxiety to have to address it--and we think these tips will help. Click the icon for a printable version.


We tend to think that the best way to prepare for a high-adrenaline event is to recreate the level of intensity required. It may seem counterintuitive, but creating a space for mindfulness and allowing your athletes' brains to have a calmer baseline will help them be more focused and access their skills while competing. Click the graphic for ideas on how to bring mindfulness to your team!


Whether you have two players who want the same number, a parent who disagrees with a position assignment, or another coach who is upset that their routine wasn't chosen for the showcase--conflict will happen. Click the icon above for our tips on how to handle it, and feel free to share with your teams.​

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