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We're moving toward an academic system that focuses more on social-emotional learning, problem-solving skills, and healthy relationships.

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SEL Classroom Resources

This short video by Brene Brown is a great way to talk to kids about empathy. To build flexible thinking skills in the classroom, use this worksheet activity where students are challenged to select an opinion they do not agree with and explore the reasons why others might think it is valid. 

It is never to early to start discussing fairness and equity with students. In this video, a square tries to fit in with circles but faces many different obstacles. When the square feels left out, a “fair square” comes and adjusts the situation to make it fair. This makes for great conversation with students. Use this worksheet for some ideas.


This video is a great visual to introduce concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to kids. It explore the connections between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Use this worksheet as a guide for conversations and to practice examples.