can you handle it?

This might be the best page in our tantrum course.

We talked about this prompt for over an hour, trying to figure out how exactly to word it.

As tends to happen with us, we were thinking of a bigger, broader concept and trying to drill it down to something more digestible for our clients. This is part of a larger section of journal prompts that we ask parents to complete throughout the course.

We were talking about how much a person’s mindset affects everything around them. There’s no toxic positivity over here–we know that shit sucks sometimes. Parenting is challenging. Work can be draining. Relationships don’t always feel as fulfilling as we think they should. Self-care is a great idea but difficult to make time for.

What we are asking our clients to do is explore the very first emotion you feel upon waking. Simply put, do you already feel “over” the day before it’s even started? Are you imagining all the things that will stress you out, dreading each time things start to get tense, walking on eggshells because you feel so uncertain about whether or not you can handle what’s to come?

There’s a big difference in your life when you imagine challenges and think, “That’s fine. I’ve got this.”

This course on tantrums is built to help you develop specific skills and understanding around tantrums and other behavior challenges. You can’t prevent obstacles entirely, but it feels SO much better when you’re armed with the skills you need to handle them.


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